Athlete’s Profile: Green Archers Team B



Green Archer Team B Angelo Calma answers our questions about basketball.

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Although a Team B of the DLSU Green Archers baskeball team, Angelo Calma or better known as Calma, is one young talented athlete. He started playing the sport since he was at the age of 7 with his dad as the first one who boosted his interest at basketball. Playing basketball as a way of bonding with his dad during his early childhood evetually became his hobby that until now he never misses to do.

Angelo was born on July 27, 1993 and is a part of the DLSU centennial batch. He is from College of Business taking up AB Finance. He often stays at Amphitheater together with his friends.

For him, basketball is his life. Playing the sport makes him happy and also, with the motivation of his family and friends, he gets to be more dedicated on giving his time to basketball. Because “practice makes perfect” accoridng to Angelo.

by: allec testado


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